Bass fishing tips

bass fishing tips

Bass fishing tips are only good if you have a plan. You really must approach each fishing trip in the same frame of mind. “I'm here to catch bass, not just to take my lures for a boating trip”. The real thought process starts at home, or even better at work. There's no better way to get through a dull work day than thinking about fishing!

Step one is finding the most likely areas that hold good numbers of bass. What is the water color and temperature? What time of year is it and what are the current fishing weather conditions? These factors help figure out the depth and speed at which you should fish. It's simple to figure out how to catch bass if you do your homework ahead of time.

Fishing lakes can present certain challenges but they are easy to read. Do you know where bass spend most of their time? Will they be biting good at noon, or should you try night fishing ?

Here are a few bass fishing tips from Bill Dance.
Overlooked Waters
Night Fishing
Additional Spinnerbaits
Three Key Words

A great way to up your catches in shallow water is to see the bass. In the spring, you can have some of the best catches in water under 10 feet deep. Spotting those tell-tell circles in the sand will find the spawning bass.

The best way to see the bass is with a good pair of polarized sun glasses. After loosing 4 pairs of good sunglasses over the side I started to get a little upset. I saw a fishing show with Fishgilz floating polarized glasses as the showcase item. I bought a pair and couldn't be happier.

They cut the glare off the water and even the dashboard of the truck. You can drive right into the sun and it doesn't hurt your eyes. Even on hazy days, everything looks MUCH sharper. They are 100% UV lenses to protect your eyes. I can see bass on the bottom in 12 feet of water when the surface is calm. I would recommend them to anyone (and they are guaranteed!).

Step two focuses on the gear. A good assortment of bass fishing lures that give you the confidence to be patient, and a knowledge of fishing knots that won't break, are a must. You need to spend your money wisely when buying your gear. The best bass fishing tips won't help if you're fishing with junk! You get what you pay for.

Then step three is understanding basic bass fishing techniques. Are you going to power fish or do you think you should slow down today? Where do you start on a rocky point? How about a large flat weed bed? Are the bass deep or shallow? Match their mood with the right depth and speed. Don't try to swat flies with a hammer.

So if the best bass fishing tip is this: Find 'em, feel 'em out, then and only then do you fish 'em. Bass get to spend all their time at the lake. Lucky buggers! He is a creature of nature, so that makes him a creature of habit. He goes from place to place for a reason. He has no real memory but will react the way he does on instinct. Change is his enemy, so he seeks out the most stable conditions he can find in his home range. You just need to find out if the bass got up on the right side of the bed. Your side!

Bass Fishing Training - Learn to Bass Fish

Fishing and boats go together like peas and carrots. Do you have an old wooden boat that needs fixing up? Not sure how to do it. Don't let it rot away! Nothing feels or rides like a wooden boat. Do It Yourself Wooden Boat Repairs will get help you get her back ship shape. Remember, preserve them, they just don't make them like that anymore!

RV and trailer camping is a great way to maximizeBass Camp your time on the water. The best way to figure out a lake is to spend lots of time on it. The hassle of towing the boat back and forth does sure take the fun out of fishing sometimes. That can also make things complicated. Get yourself squared away ahead of time so you'll get to enjoy every minute!

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