Bill Dance

Bill Dance bass fishing

Bill Dance is a familiar to bass anglers around the world. His fishing show “Bill Dance Outdoors” has been on TV since 1968. With over 2000 episodes, he has passed on tons of good tips to bass fisherman. He has never strayed from his philosophy of learning about the fish. Being a traditional bass fisherman, his focus has always been on structure and conditions, not just trying to sell you Bill Dance this or that.

There are numerous companies that have enlisted his expertise to test and endorse their products. Some of these are Yum, Stren, Mercury Marine, Lowrance Electronics, Motorguide trolling motors, Zebco/Quantum Corporation and the list goes on and on. Part of his appeal to anglers is his straight forward approach. He is down to earth and a real people person. He keeps his family first and is quite entertaining. You definitely know this if you have seen the Bill Dance blooper videos!

During his professional fishing career which started in the late 60's, he won several major events. Bill is a three time B.A.S.S. Angler of the year and an 8 time Bassmaster Classic competitor. He has held 23 National Bass Titles and many “in the money” finishes. He hung up his pro-fishing pole in 1980, but has never quit fishing. That is a very impressive record, but his legacy will always be that of a great educator on the subject of fishing.

Bill has put together a detailed and entertaining bass fishing course on DVD. It is a one of a kind series of lessons to keep the bass coming to the boat. For the price of a good bait casting set up you can attend this Bill Dance seminar and review it over and over. The same clear information, and explanations of why things work is what makes his show so good. A good understanding of bass and the correct use of the gear available is the focus of this website, and the Bill Dance Fishing Course is a perfect extension of that. Bill would tell you himself that he doesn't know everything, but he has forgotten more than some will ever know! Knowledge will make every fishing trip more enjoyable, and to be able to pass it on to others is a great thing too. Teach kids to fish and they will always have something productive to do instead of getting in trouble. It's a great thing to be a “fishing hero” to your kids, because getting bragged up is good payback for changing all those dirty diapers!

Bass Fishing Training - Learn to Bass Fish

Professional bass fishing has changed a lot since Bill Dance competed. It is highly commercialized and sponsors are everything. This is not totally a bad thing. Putting on an event like the Bassmaster classic is very expensive these days. Without corporate sponsors, a lot of people would not be able to compete or attend. The pay outs are a lot more these days, which brings more new anglers to the Bassmaster circuit. One thing has not changed though, the bass. Tournaments are won and lost on basic skills and being able to adapt to changing conditions. Last years' angler of the year can be cut on the second day of the Classic, and a newcomer can win it all. All on what they know and how they use it.

Most bass fishermen will never even compete and a lot even despise the thought of it. One thing every angler looks for is how to catch more bass and bigger bass. Bill Dance will show exactly the knowledge necessary to do this. The Bill Dance Fishing Course has the same timeless information that has been putting bass in the boat for decades. If you fish a lot there will be lots of info that is familiar to you. The great thing is you will learn how to take your favorite techniques to the next level, while learning new ones. You might not have anyone to ask for this kind of information. You might be the best fisherman you know. Time to learn more from a guy who has done it all, and taken the time to write it all down!

That being said, Bill is also known for something else...mishaps! Check out some of the Bill Dance Bloopers . You are definitely going to laugh.