Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass

Peacock bass are a hard hitting and spirited opponent for anglers from Florida to South America. If it gets close enough, it's getting eaten! Until recently, they were largely unknown to North American anglers. This is due to their necessity for warm water habitat with lots of small fish for forage.

Like the largemouth and smallmouth, these colorful fish are not a true member of the bass family. They do show a lot of similarities to their bucket mouth northern buddies. They feed heavily on baitfish (and baitfish lures), and they are extremely territorial and aggressive as well. Top water and crankbait fishing is almost like holding meat up to a hungry lion. You can almost feel that explosive strike coming. What a blast!

Before you go fishing you need to understand its biology. Although not unfamiliar in its behavior to largemouth, it has very specific needs. It is not native to North America so its range is very small and protected.

The warmer the water the more fish you will encounter. If you want huge numbers of big peacock bass, Panama is the place to go. A thriving population lives in Gatun Lake with guide service readily available. For the traveling angler this is a must fish spot! Miami Hotel Sale - South Beach hotels from C$77! - Expires 03/31/2010

Here in the US the only place to find a population of these fish, outside of an aquarium, is south Florida. Florida peacock bass are the most accessible when compared to those of central and south America. Due to its warm waters all year long, it was picked as the spot to introduce these fish. Usually when man tries to manipulate nature to correct his mistakes, it backfires. The introduction of these bass to Florida has helped rid the waters of unwelcome species and provides great recreational opportunities. The really cool part is slammer largemouth can be found right next to the them. Now that's fish stew! Plan your Florida fishing vacations ahead of time so you can enjoy yourself.

Even a small fish is fun to land. They hit hard and fight you all the way to the boat. Sometimes fishing pressure can be intense and a policy of catch and release is best for the fish. This is especially true in Florida. How big do they get? Check out the record peacock bass from Florida and abroad.

Before for you fish, you better make sure your gear is strong enough. Fishing tackle for these swimming rainbows needs to match the location where you are fishing them. Sometimes it's a fly rod, sometimes it's a baseball bat! It is probably not legal with a bat anywhere, but saltwater gear is NOT out of the question for Amazon peacock bass.

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