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Soft plastic lures have been around for a long time. They are still proving to be one of the most effective and versatile bass fishing lures available today. There really is no other artificial bait that you can use that will put bass on the hook as consistently as they do.

The low cost of this type of fishing rig is another bonus. For a few dollars a bag, you rig a simple worm or creature bait and fish all day. Of course the best thing to complain about is how those pesky bass keep getting stuck on your hook and ruining your soft plastics! When you do loose a lure it does not break the bank.

Another good quality of a soft plastic lure is they can be thrown into the heaviest cover. Later in the summer, when the weeds get tough, you can go right in after the big boys. Heavy wood and grass will hold some bruisers as they provide natural cover and ambush spots. It can be frustrating, if not impossible, to fish this with crankbaits and the like.

Soft Plastic Lures

Texas rigged worm is probably the simplest bass fishing lure you can use.Texas Rig Very low cost and durable, almost nothing will snag it if you learn the basics. You will catch even the picky eaters when nothing else works. That is why even pro bass fishermen will go to this rig when the fishing gets tough.

Carolina rig is another method that has proven itself over time.Carolina Rig The cover that this method will slip right through is pretty amazing. There is a little more to it, and it has to be fished correctly. As soft plastic lure fishing goes, this is definitely a numbers rig and a lot of water can be covered with it.

Yet another method of using soft plastic lures is the drop shot . This is a definite finesse method.Drop Shot It is fished much slower and is used to target negative fish. Not nearly as much water is covered, but that is not its purpose. Once you have located where the fish should be, and they just won't bite, drop shot maybe the only way to catch them.

The beginning of the year brings high hopes and spawning bass. Want to catch lots of bass, maybe even a giant?Wacky Worm Bass Fishing Wacky worm rigs get spooky bass to hit and hold on. If you have never tried it, you need to!

Many different shapes and colors are available in soft plastic form these days. All are good and will catch bass. Once you add scent to them, they become truly awesome. You have to remember that the bass has his nose right up to it until he decides to inhale. Scent will be the final factor to trigger the strike after the bass has located your bait and is pleased with its appearance.

Worms and creature baits are very good but there are a few more shapes. The good old minnow and the tube. The both can be rigged weedless or fished with an exposed hook in open water. Effective on largemouth or smallmouth bass, no tackle box would be complete without them. A weedless tube bounces and spirals through tough cover, and can swim through the water like a fish. There is something fascinating to bass about this shape. Soft plastic tubes have saved the day more than once for smallmouth fishing. You get a tough day in clear water and a slow sinking tube might be the only thing they will take. Largemouth can be coaxed out of hiding by the tube's erratic fall or skitter across the top of weed cover. It can also simulate a fleeing crayfish when rigged Carolina style. That little trail of dust kicked up will send bass on the attack.

Even though it is not a type all its own, Banjo Minnowthe Banjo Minnow system is worth mentioning by itself. Using the reaction of bass to a wounded minnow is quite effective. The flutter and twitch of the bait will trigger a strike when a lot of other methods will not. It can be fished weedless around cover or in open water.

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