World Record Smallmouth Bass

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world record smallmouth bass

The world record smallmouth bass was caught by D.L Hayes, an angler from Kentucky, over fifty years ago. As with an long standing record, everyone wonders if it can ever be broken. Some would even say that this fishing record can't be broken because there just aren't smallies that big anymore. Well who knows?

That monster smallmouth was weighed in at 11 pounds and 15 ounces. Even if the record gets broken, that is one slammer of a fish! Mr. Hayes must have been very excited indeed. Unfortunately there was some nasty controversy surrounding the weigh in and his character. Catching smallmouth bass that big is bound to make some other angler jealous. After all catching smallmouth bass at all can definitely be a challenge on a good day.

No matter the slanders and hard feelings, that record stands to this day. Quite an accomplishment considering the advances in fishing gear and such. The world record smallmouth bass was caught by an average guy on an average lure.

Now for more controversy. There is another contender to the world record from Canada. His name is Steven Grail and he probably won't go down in history as the new record holder. Why? Because he ate it! Now that's a true fisherman. It is really quite a funny story, told here in a Canadian newspaper. No hard feelings here.

world record smallmouth bass

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